MediterraneanCoin is cryptographically safer and more resistant then Bitcoin and Litecoin to blockchain attacks and malleability problems thanks to its new, cryptographically stronger Proof of Work algorithm hybridscrypthash256.

Hybridscrypthash256 combines the Proof of Work algorithm of Bitcoin (SHA256) with  Litecoin Proof of Work algorithm (Scrypt) in an innovative way, allowing to reuse small USB erupters and similar small ASIC devices for mining. Computational power of the pc weights in as the difficulty of the network increases. 

NEW!!! MediterraneanCoin TipBot System with many new features! Conditional tip votes and assurance contracts!!! And also get free MediterraneanCoins!

1 - on Twitter, follow user @MEDTipBot

2 - post the following Twitter status update:   #MediterraneanCoin showbalance 

3 - you will receive a Twitter notification showing your free MED balance! ( you will receive the message only if you follow @MEDTipBot)

Click here to read about all commands : TipBot System

Here is the TipBot Support thread;  or read the complete manual here.

NEW!!! MediterraneanCoin TipBot is now integrated in the Wallet!!! 

You can mine MediterraneanCoin on
Powerful New Mine Pool

Send SMS (GSM Text Messages) worldwide using MediterraneanCoin!!!

Click here for the Support thread for sending SMS with MED.

To send an SMS (GSM Text Message), you need to send a Twitter Direct Message (called also Notification; not a status update!) to @MEDTipBot:
sendmedsms +nnn_phone_number  Here goes the text of the sms!!!

Latest wallet release:

New!! Official Home Page!